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Data Driven Applications


Accumulating, understanding and analyzing data is the biggest challenge that companies and entrepreneurs face in the market. Data driven applications give you a competitive edge by understanding the demand and need of your clients and users. Using Data Science and its applications we can make effective and targeted strategies to enhance our output using limited resources.

Data Science is the key to business intelligence which is rapidly transforming our business industries and how we think and act. Data Driven Applications use these data science algorithms to predict what future holds for you and what tactics you need to do to make it better. 2017 survey by Adobe shows the trend of Data Driven Marketing in US, Canada, France and Germany and how well equipped they are with data analyzing applications.

TechSira understands your needs and can provide optimum data driven applications which suite your needs and fulfill your demands. We can help you develop custom made applications using data science features and business intelligence capabilities.




Real-Time Data from Analytics


Integration Of Analytics Across Channels


Data Visualization


Automated Personalization


Predictive Analysis


Audience Definition

Cloud Solutions


Cloud solutions are the backbone of any business who wants to expand its ground on multiple locations and wants to stay connected and integrated. Cloud services are all the computing services i.e., servers, storage, analytics, databases, networking and more on internet (cloud) storage.

Smart companies pay only for suitable cloud services, reducing operating costs, increasing infrastructure efficiency, and scaling business multifold. Cloud services can strengthen your security posture overall, protecting your data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats. Future demands business to be well equipped with cloud services. Companies can organize themselves and integrate their services with growing Social networking websites to remain constantly in touch with friends.

Luckily for you we provide the ultimate cloud solutions that can integrate all your data-oriented needs in one platform. We can help you decide the right cloud solution for yourself, so that you never look back to primitive and hectic installations and setups. We can setup your SaaS applications, host and manage the cloud software application and handle any maintenance, like software upgrades and security patching, etc. Users can have the facility to connect to the application over the Internet, usually with a web browser on their PC, phone or tablet.



Emerging businesses are often confused about the technological needs and true potential of their organization. Our Technological business consultancy provides transparency and clarity of thought after rigorous analyses of all the surrounding solution. We can provide you the right awareness and knowledge that you lack to upgrade your business with the right tech solution.

Remember, futuristic businesses are built on in depth understanding of their tech resources and what they can achieve from them. TechSira realizes the importance of leading-edge thinking in areas such as marketing, operations, procurement, tenders sales, finance and HR. There forth, we are totally devoted and committed to the highest quality service and excellence in making a real difference to the growth, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

Mobile Apps


We all have smartphones now regardless of any age or occupation. Ever wonder how many of us are glued to several mobile applications? Have a look at the chart below that explains the percentage of population using mobile applications every day.

Mobile applications allow businesses to be visible and available to customers at all times. It created a direct means of communication with your targeted audience through a mobile marketing channel.

Making your own business mobile application gives you an edge over competitors, increases customer trust and loyalty and the ease of use allows them to come back again and again. It tells the customers that you really care about them and value them and their feedback. TechSira is an expert in developing state of the art business mobile applications and can handle all your E-commerce, SEO and marketing solutions.

Performance Monitoring


Performance monitoring cannot be emphasized enough in any business. It provides longevity to business and keeps the employees on their toes. The best way to monitor the performance of both employees and business products is to back them with statistical evidence.

As the famous saying goes “Numbers don’t lie”, businesses can set goals for themselves and analyze the performance of various factors that influence the business as a whole. Tech solutions are the best way to keep an eye on your strengths and weaknesses.

As time goes, it helps businesses to identify what went wrong and what went right with the statistical analyses. TechSira provides innovative web, cloud and mobile solutions to businesses so that they have the absolute power to grow in their hand.



It is alright and perfectly understandable if your business needs and scope is being dealt with a traditional approach or software. Traditional software’s are still being used by a lot of people and it is great to start with something traditional if you are not exposed to technology. We can help you with understanding the best traditional approach to deal with your business problem and can also later help to transform that traditional approach to something more modern and upscale. It is all about your business comfort and TechSira is all about the comfort of our clients.

Software Architecture Consultation


Business solutions are different for every organization and company; hence a customized solution is always required to cover all bases. Solid foundation of architecture translates into effective software architecture and acts as a blueprint for the future solutions. It is also a critical factor in developing long-lasting, maintainable, and extendable software compatible with business needs.

TechSira is the most experienced and well-rounded company that also provides software architectural consulting services for existing and new systems. Our focus is always on using object and component technologies to create scalable, reliable, high-performance software architecture, personalized precisely to your needs. With the right solution, we also provide a comprehensive documentation, minimal induction and our endless professional support.

Upgrade/Maintaining Legacy Application


Legacy applications are primitive softwares that use outdated or old methods to deal with the business solutions. They can come up with their own limitations, restrictions and challenges and we understand the pain when it comes to handling and transforming legacy applications.

However, TechSira is the right company for all your legacy application needs. We help preserve your previous data and integrate them to modern applications balancing user functionality and UI experience to match the contemporary standards. Technology’s purpose is to innovate and provide ease and comfort to users, which means leaving behind legacy systems in favor of upgraded and more human friendly solutions.