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About Us

A little about us


Techsira is a company that specializes in providing a complete Digital Business Transformation based on custom needs and demands. We provide innovative Cloud Solutions, business integrated web and mobile services and Data driven applications to meet the business requirements. We understand that the most common solution is not always the right solution, hence we make sure that your solution is aligned with your business vision.


At Techsira, we go out of our bounds to take care of our customers and employees and it is not by a choice, but by the very nature of the roots of our company. Integrating technology with entrepreneurial demands is challenging, hence we emphasize on futuristic solutions which are more dependable and flexible with the changing needs of the business.

Creating an impact in the market is simple yet challenging, hence the decision to choose the right company can truly make the difference. We carry our clients till they are perfectly comfortable with the change they want. Within our company we use very lean process and smart automation to improve the pace of delivery and shave off the unnecessary costs and pass on the savings to our customers. Techsira has offices in Benguluru, Texas and Manchester, UK.


TechSIRA Mantras


To treat business customers better

We understand the importance of business customers for a business, hence our main goal is to provide a software solution that facilitates the customers and makes him feel comfortable with the brand. We help you understand your customers better so that you meet the customer expectations and demands in the right way. Remember, trust and coordination between customers can be hugely amplified with the right tool and strategy and we have all the tricks in our bag.


To build an enabling and state of the art environment for company

TechSira helps provide a culture that would make the employees feel the difference from the rest of the working places. Our solutions are more human friendly and provide ease and comfort to the staff members. We help our clients analyze the problems faced by the staff members so that they can be incorporated in the solution provided.


To provide a better staffing service for companies

Company employees fuel the business and provide the horsepower to exceed in the market competitive world. Hence, providing with the efficient and more helpful tool can truly transform the life of the employees working. Our softwares provide transparency, check and balance and ease of use for all the staff members so that they can perform their services with confidence.

Customers and partners